Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love the feel of fall!

Its like Fall came with the changing of the month! September is here and bam!
Misty mornings, cooler evenings, the comforter is back on the bed, layering clothes and digging out the wet weather gear has started! Oh I love this time of year in the Northwest!

Especially because it means the garden is at its fullest, lushest and greenest! And I can get back out there and start planting/relocating and getting dirty again! It really is one of the best times of year for your plants.

I was a little sad yesterday on my weekly trip to Fred Meyers, to see the garden department is now only half the size, a sure sign that winter and a dormant garden is coming!

This change of year seems to happen so quickly, one minute your playing with the kids under the sprinkler, enjoying the heat of summer with a mojito and the next your starting to see the leaves change on the trees and your deflating the kiddie pool.

This cooler weather is refreshing and good for the soul. Although I am going to miss the endless sunshine, not having to worry about the rain and weather determining what you will be doing that day. But I think rain or shine I am going to try and enjoy my garden for as long as I can!

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