Sunday, September 6, 2009

Italian Love!

Perseverance pays off!

I have been tracking down 2 more Italian Cypresses for the side Garden and wouldn't you know it they are sold out every where!!! The only ones I could find are 1ft high, not nearly tall enough to grow with my 6ft ones I planted last month.

After driving, calling and being frustrated by so many Lowes, I finally found the last two. Probably the last two in all of Seattle. We picked them up today, I'm so excited!

Now only if the rain (down poor) would stop for a min so I could get them in the ground =)

Note* Was recommended the Medina Nursery by the garden man at a Lowes, will have to check it out!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love the feel of fall!

Its like Fall came with the changing of the month! September is here and bam!
Misty mornings, cooler evenings, the comforter is back on the bed, layering clothes and digging out the wet weather gear has started! Oh I love this time of year in the Northwest!

Especially because it means the garden is at its fullest, lushest and greenest! And I can get back out there and start planting/relocating and getting dirty again! It really is one of the best times of year for your plants.

I was a little sad yesterday on my weekly trip to Fred Meyers, to see the garden department is now only half the size, a sure sign that winter and a dormant garden is coming!

This change of year seems to happen so quickly, one minute your playing with the kids under the sprinkler, enjoying the heat of summer with a mojito and the next your starting to see the leaves change on the trees and your deflating the kiddie pool.

This cooler weather is refreshing and good for the soul. Although I am going to miss the endless sunshine, not having to worry about the rain and weather determining what you will be doing that day. But I think rain or shine I am going to try and enjoy my garden for as long as I can!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is that in my Garden?

From a new house for Nikko built out of rocks found in the garden, to a cutie boy in a pot! My garden is no ordinary Garden! I never know what I will see....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Box Hedge (Buxus-suffruticosa-dwarf-box)

I have planted a number of these around my yard, front and back. I love the architectural, evergreen quality of these delightful little shrubs, the neatness and formal look gives even the smallest space large scale interest when planted as a hedge. I could plant these everywhere, no part of my garden is untouched! I think I will plant more under the plum tree to mirror the hedge I am growing in front of grandma's garden. They are located on opposite sides of the yard. These plants are fairly low maintenance once established and grow really well in the Northwest. I am thinking of putting them around the fountain too, seriously no place is safe from these deliciously green, compact little plants. See link below for growing tips and plant love.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The plumbing fix and some updates of the garden!

I know its looking a little bit all over the place, but its slowly coming together!
mind the orange cord on the fence, its our hook up for a fountain...a little ghetto I know!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Developments on Grandma's Garden....

Work came to a halt today as we accidentally created a new water feature in the yard...grrr! Mental Note: Always check where the water pipes are!

The main water line to the irrigation was hit, which ironically was a good thing. I was going to be doing this work next week when Dave was gone, so I am glad it happened while he was here and he was the one that did it...hehehe! He knew exactly how to fix it, if this was to happen with him gone I would have been in trouble, don't even know how to turn the main off (OK now I do!)
It turns out that there are 3 water pipes down there as well as a power line, only 4in below the surface, very scary! I had to rethink my whole garden so not to disturb the pipes again...totally sucked!

I was planning a row of Italian Cypresses for next to the fence to provide a privacy screen. The pipes run parallel and right where we wanted to dig. So we have had to put them in right on the fence line, hope it does not create problems down the track.

Its nice to be able to do this for Grandma and its acting as a way of closure too.

Friday, August 7, 2009

August in my garden....

  • The Shasta Daisies are dying and need to be deadheaded, fingers crossed for a second bloom.
  • Hydrangeas hated the heat wave we had and are not coping, they also need to be deadheaded already, so sad!
  • Weeds, weeds and more main project this month.
  • Everything is looking lush and overgrown, I need to start pruning back: Wisteria and Jasmine around the pergola.
  • Many of the shrubs out the front need a trim, little tidy up to keep shape.
  • Lawn was fertilized and is starting to come back from the bad aeration job it had.
The start of a remembrance garden for Grandma.....

Roses, Shasta Daisies, Irises, Lavender, Jasmine, Ivy, mauve lilacs and purple moms are what will be the basis for this garden. Its a very pretty pale pink climbing rose that will be the back drop, surrounded by a base of dwarf box hedges. The lilac will be placed either side of the rose trellis. The ivy is in a pot training its way up an wooden obelisk, the moms are also in a terracotta pot. The lavendar, irises and daisies will be in the ground. Should be a very pretty Purple and white garden.

Still not sure where the Jasmine will be going, but its some more evergreen that I can grow as a privacy break between us and next door. I will also be placing some Italian Cypress's along the fence too, just to create a break between us and the big wall of next doors house.

I just have to dig out all the weeds and ugly plants...gosh its hard work to maintain a garden. Only last year this area looked so pretty and manicured. Now it is so overgrown with weeds and out of control.
Important lesson, stay on top of the garden so it doesn't get on top of!

There are some plants I am pulling out, I think they are weeds, they sure do grow well in my garden and they are taller than me...yikes!

I have some stone leftover from another project that I am trying to incorporate into the design too.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Small Garden Plans

Small Garden Plans

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My Yards FALL to do list....

  • Relocate Hydrangea in the back left corner of the yard, only 3ft across to where the ugly plant used to be.
  • Move the azzela out the front under the sick cherry tree to the corner spot in that garden.
  • Fertilize trees
  • Cut and shape ever green hedges front and back
  • Plant Plant Plant
  • Relocate green plant in small front bed to back garden, plant row of dwarf box hedges
  • Cut back lavender

Pacific Northwest Lawn-Care Calendar

Pacific Northwest Lawn-Care Calendar

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Community Gardening....
I so want to join one, but there is nothing near by!

Renton needs one, how fun to get down and dirty with your neighbors!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My poor Cherry Tree!

Today I noticed my Cherry Tree out front is not doing so well =(
Its leaves are wilted, the fruit is not growing and the branches are just looking bare. Where are the beautiful juicy green leaves and the fruit. warning warning! I need to do something and now.
I love this tree, it frames the house and provides a wonderful balance to the front of the property.

So I cut a branch off and took it to my local Lowes store, hoping I would be able to see the Arborist. Luck she was in today...yippie! Its rare that she is in so I was very excited to see her there! I showed her my poor little pathetic branch. Within 5mins she had it all diagnosed, fungus infection, bugs and malnourished. Time for some TLC! So I purchased what she suggested and will be playing Tree dr this afternoon. Crossing my fingers I can help it grow into a healthy happy tree.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome back rain...

After what seems like the longest sunny stretch of weather I think Seattle has ever seen, we are now being drizzled in rain! While we are excited for the sunshine and the chance to be outdoors, the rain is always a welcome sound, not only for our gardens but I think Seattelites really do miss it!

The lawns in our area are drying up and blowing away! I've never seen our neighborhood so yellow and dry. Its funny you can really tell the yards that have an irrigation system, all lush and green for the most part. You feel sorry for all the lawns that are neglected of water, screaming out to be watered! I think the skies heard the cries of the grass and plants, what better built in irrigation system than the skies of the Northwest.

Looking out my window seeing the rain, hearing the rain its a refreshing change! One of my favorite sounds in fact. It truly is a comfort and a tranquil feeling, one I have missed.

Welcome back rain, don't stay away so long next time!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My favorite place....
Is right here in my garden. Its my little oasis! Whether it is just me and my plants, kids playing and laughing under the sprinkler or sitting back and relaxing with my friends...its a wonderful place to be!

This blog is here to remember all the fun happenings, the special moments and the day to day experiences I have here in my beautiful, intimate northwest garden.

I am hoping to use this a reference, for plants, planning, things to do...etc

Thanks for stopping by =)
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