Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Northwest Flower & Garden show is almost here!

It may be snowing outside and I could be updating you with the latest Seattle "Snow-Armageddon" updates (those will come), but for now I am so excited about the the upcoming show...I am counting down the weeks now, its nearly Northwest Flower & Garden show time!

To some its just another information day, or an obligation to volunteer or man a both, maybe some are even dragged to it by their crazed gardening wives (hey honey)...But to me its like Disney-world! A few days of magic for garden geeks, at every-turn there is something thrilling to amaze you. OK, maybe I'm building it up a little. But last year as I entered the convention center and rode the extremely slow escalator (which by the way only added to the anticipation) I finally reached the Garden show level, , my heart was racing and I was giddy with excitement. On entering the hall, my mouth literally fell open and I'm sure drool was seen. The place was one huge "wow" factor, not knowing where to look first, it was visual candy for the eyes, the smells were intoxicating  and an overwhelming joyful feeling for the gardening soul.
And to think, that this was just the!

My favorite container garden from last year...great job on first place Rivenna Nursery
Link to last years post on the 2011 Garden show...Garden shows & mischeivious paths

Anyway, as you can tell I am a little excited! I have been following the shows blog, so many wonderful gardens this year and all inspired by music...hence the theme "A floral Symphony", I have a link bellow so you can read about them and get a bit of a sneak-peek! It really is mind-blowing what they are able to achieve in the space they are given, under hot lights and warm inspirational! I am really looking forward to the "April in Paris" garden and "Tales of wonder" two of my loves combined right there...gardening and Paris!!
Another one for which I can't wait to see, is for the true Seattle goers... "Grunge garden" a tribute to Seattle music! Oh I do love Pearl Jam!!

Also this year they are offering over 160 free seminars that are included with admission. I am excited to attend a photography class presented by David. E Perry, as well as various sustainable to get ideas on having chooks and a successful veg patch! See link bellow for seminar listings.
One of my favorite things to do at these shows is the treasure hunt, where you receive a card filled with tickets for particular booths that offer free goodies, sure its a lure to get you to their booth, but the loot you end up with is totally worth the hunt. Last year I scored, free tools, gloves, seeds, hand lotions, jewelry, even fresh flowers! And all free...score!!

 Another one of my fave's from last year, and the over all winner..Check out last years post for more!

If you haven't made it to this show yet, I hope you make this your year! Also, if you purchase tickets online you receive a discounted rate, love that! Or do as I did and get lucky!! I entered in a competition on the shows facebook page for free tickets and won! They do these almost daily leading up to the show...take advantage of it!!

General Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2012 information....
Dates: 8-12 Feb (Thu-Sun)
Location: Seattle convention center
For more general info Click here

More links...
About the gardens
Seminar schedule
Ticket info

Hope to see you there!! It would be so fun to bump into other Garden Bloggers there, I'll be wearing a Polka Dot Galoshes pin, being snap happy with my camera, drooling over the gardens and probably doing a happy dance...yeah hard to miss! lol! Check back in mid-Feb for a garden show post!


  1. I LOVED last year's show. It was my first. I took my then 5 year old with me (out of school for a cough) and he enjoyed it too! I am excited about this year's show. I hope to spend a lot more time since I'll be without kids. :)

    1. Ohh kid free, how exciting!! It will be such a different experience for you! I took my kids one year and I swore never again ;) Although this year it seems like they are providing more for the little ones, with more hands on activities and a stage with entertainment. Have a wonderful kid free time!!

  2. Hi Julia! I won tickets too! Are you planning to get together with any SAGBUTT members? It would be cool to run into you. I am really looking forward to this year's show too. I'm planning to go for at least two days and maybe more.

  3. Hi Alison, Congrats on your ticket win too =) I would love to go with SAGBUTT, it would be so fun to do this with other garden bloggers!! I'd also love to do some of the seminars this year too, I have yet to do them as my time is always consumed by drooling over gardens..hehe! I'm thinking a few days is what I need too! Hope to see you there...Cheers xx

  4. Looks like fun! We have a Garden Expo coming up here in Madison in February, too. I hope I can make it! Nice way to start the spring garden season early. Enjoy!

  5. Free goodies, seminars? Where's my plane ticket?

  6. What a great looking show. I too love the use of sedum at Rivenna Nursery. They deserved the honor.

  7. Hi Julia. Oh girl I wish I could be there for it. I loved the pictures from last years so take a bunch for us this year. LOL! We will all be so jealous.


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