Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The spring has returned....to my step!

What is it about a gorgeous spring day...
one that is full of sunshine filled blue skies that energizes me so?

Seriously, I have not been this productive in a longtime (just ask my husband..lol) So many chores happily crossed off of my once stagnant to do list, so much accomplishment. It's wonderful to get out and make the most of these bright sunny days for a sun deprived person, to soak up some vitamin D and relish in the simple delight of sun...ahhh these days I long for, all dreary winter long.

 Yes friends SPRING is finally here in the Pacific Northwest! 
And the spring has returned to my step once more! 

With the sun in full shine I finally got out and attended some weeding of my front beds, fertilized the lawn, dead headed the hydrangeas, trimmed some over grown wisteria, raked the paths, I even bravely swept about two seasons worth of cobwebs away from my front porch...eeek!
I ended my day with a tidy up around the place and basically made the house look like someone lives here once again, I can here my neighbors cheering! But my biggest achievement of all was finally putting the Christmas tree away. I know its March, I think I may of set a new record for keeping the thing up...lol! Few, what a day! There really were so many "finally did it" moments today and boy does it feel great!

So, welcome spring with your soul-filling sunshine and your blooms full of hope, thank you for the well needed optimism and rejuvenation!! 

Here is a wonderful article from the The Old Farmers Almanac that tells you a little more about the first day of each season and how the sun determines the dates, very interesting!


  1. Wow your tulips are ready to bloom. This weather and sunshine just perks one up and gives us energy to get going. Have a terrific week.

  2. Beautiful images! And I know that feeling of seemingly coming out of the cocoon of winter. My mother once had a Christmas tree up for so long, she decided just to keep it up until the next year! As her teenaged child at the time, I was, of course, embarrassed beyond words!

  3. Looks so green and fresh, spring is a wonderful season. We are a little behind here, so one day....

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Lapping up every random ray of sunshine (few & far between). Thanks for letting us borrow yours.

  5. Oh, I love seeing your signs of Spring. We brought Spring in here with a light dusting of snow, so send some Sun to the east! I must say, I don't know if there is anywhere more beautiful when the sun is shining bright than Seattle! So visually stimulating! Great job on 'whipping things in to shape!'

  6. What a wonderful turn of events for you! Spring sunshine does wonders for the psyche for sure. My sluggish feelings come when the real heat sets in and it's just too hot to get out and garden very much. Everything is done early morning or late evening then but at least I can still get out. Your tulips look as happy as you sound!

  7. No spring here, to the south of you. Day two of the calendar's version of "Spring" brought a FOOT of snow! Today it's melting and the sun is trying to shine. I love your enthusiasm. It sounds like you got a lot done and probably slept like a baby after such a busy day. The cobwebs on my porch are a reminder of the many tasks I've yet to accomplish this spring, if it ever gets here. :)

  8. Its awesome. I've seen some of it, spring that is.

  9. These are really wonderful flowers in your garden. Spring can surely bring out the best in the greenery. Being in the lawn maintenance Phoenix industry, it sure is wonderful to see plants flourish. Truly a joy of every gardener.


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