Saturday, August 1, 2009

My poor Cherry Tree!

Today I noticed my Cherry Tree out front is not doing so well =(
Its leaves are wilted, the fruit is not growing and the branches are just looking bare. Where are the beautiful juicy green leaves and the fruit. warning warning! I need to do something and now.
I love this tree, it frames the house and provides a wonderful balance to the front of the property.

So I cut a branch off and took it to my local Lowes store, hoping I would be able to see the Arborist. Luck she was in today...yippie! Its rare that she is in so I was very excited to see her there! I showed her my poor little pathetic branch. Within 5mins she had it all diagnosed, fungus infection, bugs and malnourished. Time for some TLC! So I purchased what she suggested and will be playing Tree dr this afternoon. Crossing my fingers I can help it grow into a healthy happy tree.

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