Friday, August 7, 2009

The start of a remembrance garden for Grandma.....

Roses, Shasta Daisies, Irises, Lavender, Jasmine, Ivy, mauve lilacs and purple moms are what will be the basis for this garden. Its a very pretty pale pink climbing rose that will be the back drop, surrounded by a base of dwarf box hedges. The lilac will be placed either side of the rose trellis. The ivy is in a pot training its way up an wooden obelisk, the moms are also in a terracotta pot. The lavendar, irises and daisies will be in the ground. Should be a very pretty Purple and white garden.

Still not sure where the Jasmine will be going, but its some more evergreen that I can grow as a privacy break between us and next door. I will also be placing some Italian Cypress's along the fence too, just to create a break between us and the big wall of next doors house.

I just have to dig out all the weeds and ugly plants...gosh its hard work to maintain a garden. Only last year this area looked so pretty and manicured. Now it is so overgrown with weeds and out of control.
Important lesson, stay on top of the garden so it doesn't get on top of!

There are some plants I am pulling out, I think they are weeds, they sure do grow well in my garden and they are taller than me...yikes!

I have some stone leftover from another project that I am trying to incorporate into the design too.

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