Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Elephant in the yard

I guess i can mark it up to "well i tried!' and caused one or two casualties along the way.
But what do you do, when you don't have a clue? Do I pull it all out and start again? Do I turn it back to lawn? Do I live with this problem for another year, I'll eventually get to it, right?
I honestly have no idea how to help the "sad" plants in this sad corner of my garden. The only thing coming to mind, is accidentally running it over in the car.
What was meant to be a focal point of my front yard, a happy welcome for guests has turned out to be rather pathetic to say the least!

The goal was to help with drainage in this corner of the bog, I mean lawn. It was always extremely squelchy under foot and was starting to rot. I guess practically I did achieve my goal. The roots (especially the tree roots) have done a great job of sucking up water run off on the lawn. But aesthetically I didn't quite hit the mark.
What's working:
The problems:

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  1. Have you considered adding plants that like to be moist here? Bog type plants might thrive in this spot.


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