Saturday, February 26, 2011

giddy with excitment....Its garden show time!

The long count down and the day is finally here!! Time to be inspired and surrounded by amazing gardens and ideas! This to me is like visiting Disneyland as a kid, the silly grin will be on face the whole day and everywhere I look will give me goosebumps of excitement!!
Off I go....Will update and post yummy picks when I get home later today!


  1. How exciting! I've never been to a garden tour, though I've thought about it. Am looking forward to seeing pics and your comments about what you liked (or not).

  2. Looking forward to you post your visit. I visit many garden shows as a designer with my friend the buyer. It is amazing how many new things and plants come out new each year. It is like Disneyland.

  3. Ohhhh. So jealous. No one does garden shows quite like Seattle and Portland. I miss them. Looking forward to your report.

  4. Looking forward to your update. Now, you've got many excited. :)


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