Monday, March 14, 2011

gardening equals sanity!!

Hi, my name is Julia and I am a....gardener! Isn't that how most addict meetings start? Gardening is my therapy, maybe even my drug of choice! But one thing is for sure, its my sanity!
The escape of a quiet garden, the feeling of accomplishment, There really is no greater feeling than to have an idea and see it come to fruition, even if it is just clearing a garden bed of weeds or turning the compost over. Seriously, when you stand back and see the finished result, the feeling and "high" of achievement is amazing! Ahh, the tranquil, soul filling me time without interruption...priceless!

Yeah right!! Mom, whats for dinner? Mom, Thomas is looking at me funny! Mom! Mom! MOM!
Is it wrong to admit that there are days all I want to do is lock myself outside, to escape with my plants in a moment of peace. To ignore reality and retreat into my simple joy!

I really do love my boys, more than I ever thought possible! I have been blessed with two of the sweetest, loving, caring little guys...Thomas 5 and Harrison 8. They really are the joys of my-life (most of the time! And when they're not, wine helps!)
Last year, Harry my oldest was diagnosed with Autism after years of uncertainty, its been a crazy time to say the least. My life now revolves around the many needs and constant learning that comes with this diagnosis, to the point were it was becoming my identity too. I seemed to have lost who I was, I had no time for what my passions and interests were/are anymore. I was being swallowed-up and disappearing by this thing called Autism. There was very little sense of accomplishment, always feeling like I was failing my son, not to mention it was unpredictable, irrational and totally impulsive with lows and lower lows...depression sunk in!

Time for a change...Getting back to my love and finding balance in life once again. Now, when I am not enduring enjoying the craziness. From the highs of sweet moments filled with love, laughs and smiles to the lows of the torturous screaming, tantrums and messes.
You will find me out in the garden as a gardener...escaping the later and doing something for the sanity.

To me, gardening is rewarding in all the typical ways, seeing something grow, creating something beautiful...etc, But it is also (and I'm sure for so many of you) something a lot more. It is who we are! It is our happy place! Its our identity and our passion! Its were you can be you, with no feeling of failure, no constant demands, with no never-ending messes created by others to be cleaned...It provides a sense of accomplishment, It fulfills us!
.....Its pure, Its simple joy and its my sanity!


  1. Dear Julia - What can I say - I want to say "call me whenever you need help". But we are an ocean apart, so I am here for you in thought. A wise woman once told me "God hand-picks the mothers for his most special children", so remember that and when the going gets tough, you have your lovely garden to retreat to. xx

  2. PS: I forgot to say ... Thomas & Harrison are gorgeous looking boys. Regards, Christine

  3. Girl, I totally's the perfect place to heal the soul. I am glad you are rekindling your passion. Love you SO much!

  4. I so agree - gardening is my therapy! It takes me outside of myself and helps me keep things in perspective.

  5. Julia, It must be difficult with all the extra demands that kids bring to one's life and the special demands of your son Harry. I do feel for you. Your attitude is great. You have a very positive strength about you. From your opening thoughts on today's posting through to the end, you breath positive worth. I don't know you but I have been a counselor for years and I can tell, you are more than just a survivor, you are a person who "lives". Keep feeding your personal needs from gardening. It will continue to bring you the strength and life you deserve. You have a healthy sense of personal value and that will keep ;you in the best frame of mind and Spirit. I think we gardeners know the secret of gardening, it gives us health in body and mind. Keep at it. Jack

  6. Gardening is a great therapy, I must agree. Sometimes life can be difficult. But that's life. We have layers of happiness and sadness followed by happiness...

  7. I think many of us find our sanity in our gardens...if not for mine I would be are finding the right balance for you and your family and that is always so important...

  8. It took me a while, but I found your place and my it is a wonderful place, indeed. The garden sure does heal, nurture, and soothe the soul. What adorable young men, just don't lose you in the midst of children and facing those too often all-encompassing challenges.

    I look forward to reading much more of your adventures in the garden and beyond.

  9. Julia, I loved this post. I'm not dealing with young children like you are, but I have a teenager and two young adults that have brought difficult challenges in a different way. After a very challenging year-2010, I felt that I needed to find joy again in life. Joy is in the journey...not a destination. Gardening brings me joy as it does you. It's my happy place. Happy Gardening and keep in touch!

  10. Life can be a struggle and its amazing what your sweet comments can do to bring a smile this burnt out mama's face...thank you. Its funny at first I deleted this post, but i am so glad I shared. Its been so encouraging to read all your comments and am excited you stopped by. Gardening is a wonderful journey and an even better escape, especially when you're dealing with crap, id rather be out spreading it on my lawn than taking! =)


Thanks for stopping by and reading my latest post! I love sharing my gardening adventures and reading your wonderful comments. Happy digging...Cheers Julia!!

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