Thursday, March 10, 2011 Hope grows day!

OK, Love this idea! What a great way to blog a dream/idea/development for your garden. Although I am really thinking in my garden it should be called..."Hope it grows day!" I have not been very successful lately with my so called green thumb, as you will see from this months Hope!

So what is Hope Grows Day? Hanni over at - Sweet Bean Gardening - blog came up with this wonderful idea....

Post a photo of something in your garden that you are looking forward to in the next month. It could be a plant you're hoping to see bloom, a project you're hoping to do, really anything that you are hopeful to see/do in your gardens. Next month (on the fifth), come back and show us:
1. the results of what you were hoping for, and
2. what you are looking forward to for the next month

So I will pretend its the 5th of March and share with you, what my "Hope" is for my garden over the next month...

My Hope is that my Jasmine will survive and once again be lush and green! This winter has been hard on my beautiful evergreens and I am hoping it is not to late to help them!
As you can see its not looking well at all =( Even beautiful healthy looking green leaves are falling right off of it. I have four or these growing around the base of my trellis in my backyard, surrounding my sitting area, the smell is quite amazing all summer long! I try and keep them trimmed to about 3ft in height. I'm not sure what is going on exactly, I am guessing frost related as the leaves on top were the first to go. 

So I am off to investigate!
If you have any ideas or know what this could be...I would LOVE your advice! Hoping to post happier picks of my jasmine in April!

Here is what it should look like! I have wisteria growing over the top of the trellis while the jasmine is trained around the bottom of the posts, here looking all happy and alive...wish me (and my Jasmine) luck!


  1. The only jasmine I have had the pleasure to see- and smell!!- was growing rampant & wonderful up the side of one greenhouse at the nursery I worked in when I was first married.

    An amazing break in the middle of January!!

    I still live in those memories of rooting rosemary cuttings for hours while gazing at its wall of blooms.

    Hope your blooms its heart out for you this season!


  2. Oh dear! It is quite beautiful all lush & green...I alas, am of no hope! My mom has a potted jasmine, but we have to bring it indoors to overwinter.

  3. Cool Idea! I hope your Jasmine comes back stronger than ever. It's soooo beautiful in the summer!

  4. I am hoping for you to. We do not grow jasmine here, so I do not want to venture a guess. Chances are it could return if the new buds are unharmed.

  5. What type of jasmine it this Julia? I can't really tell from the photos, but if it's anything like mine, a bit of a pruning and tidying up and it will come back strong and look beautiful soon.

    PS I love your wisteria / jasmine combo on the trellis. It looks like a lovely space :)

  6. I love that type of jasmine, but I lost my last one after a hard winter. Yours still has quite a bit of green healthy looking leaves though, so hopefully it'll be okay. I think the few cold weeks we had over this winter was hard on quite a bit of my plants too.

  7. I think it is frost damage. My ceanothus suffered the same. I have cut it back to the first signs of new shoots and fingers crossed

  8. There is a fungus that attacks jasmine, but I don't know much about it. However, I have a jasmine vine and each year it browns from the freezes. I thought I lost it one year and cut it down almost to the ground. It grew back. Don't be afraid to cut out the brown. Good luck!

  9. That is a good idea...must visit her.

  10. Thanks for all the comments. I believe it to be Arabian Jasmine. Its about 9yrs old and until now has been doing really well. Past winters have not knocked it about this! It has lost even more leaves since this post, now I am really starting to worry. Thanks for the ideas and all the luck, I'll post again in a few weeks to update on how its going...Cheers Julia xx


Thanks for stopping by and reading my latest post! I love sharing my gardening adventures and reading your wonderful comments. Happy digging...Cheers Julia!!

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