Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hope grows day...April 2011

My first hope was that it would stop raining long enough so I could play paparazzi with last months hope, my sad ailing, frost-bitten Jasmine. The rain has been pouring for days now and I didn't much feel like being drenched again. But on the eleventh hour, praise the gardening gods, the sun shone for a few brief minutes. The dinner will have to wait boys, mama's donning her galoshes for a romp in the mud.

Happy blooming Magnolia pic, always a warming sight!

But alas my Jasmine was still not looking so good. After trimming, covering, feeding and yes even talking to, my once happy and lush Jasmine is nothing more than a twig with brown leaves. I will cut it back harder when it really starts to warm up and there is no more chance of frost. I'll also cross my fingers and pray to those gardening gods to do their magic. Here's a pic of a healthy one and the lost one, may you rest in peace!
I'll keep you posted!

My Hope Grows for next month....to see what takes and grows in this garden bed. I have scattered a number of seeds, poppies, stock, allysum and even a mixed perennial pack...etc. Its kind of like my "lets just see what happens" garden. At present it is full of Heather, lavender, lilacs, roses, peonies, aster, shasta daisies, tulips, lily's, a Japanese maple and a big old bing-cherry tree. Its a busy, sun-filled garden.
Waiting to see what sprouts up, so exciting its like waiting for Christmas!

My other hope grows will be the continued hunt for that elusive white Camellia. Still no luck, who knew it would be so hard to find? I am excited to plant these in my font and backyard to replace some lost Hydrangeas. The longer I hunt the more I want one!!
Some other happy snaps I captured during my sunshine, galoshes wearing moment, I did come across so much new life. I think my garden is going through, the what I like to call "The garden of a million buds" period. Seriously, everything is budding and just ready to burst open at any minute.

Happy Hydrangea bursts and even happier periwinkle buds.


  1. Looks like hope to me. I keep hoping the snow leaves and I must be jinxing it. Yesterday it snowed big puffy flakes. I think that was just to tease me.

  2. Julia, I was noticing your header (takes me a while) and the description of gardening in the NW is just like here except add 4 months of snow...rain, slugs and maybe 3 mnths of sun...but I see some hope and all those seeds will be bursting forth soon for you...as for the jasmine well as my husband says, if you say and act like you don't care it will grow..it is the plants we obsess about that we lose...easier said than done though...we'll just keep hoping..

  3. Donna, you have a wise hubby, I need to quote that and make it into a little sign for my potting area ;)
    And fingers crossed to no more snow for you both!! Last year (or the year before that) we had a surprise snow dump in April...yes I cried!

  4. I, too, just put things in the flower beds and wonder and watch to see what will emerge. It's twice as exciting that way (at least to me!). Pretty magnolia picture.

  5. Holly, I totally agree, there is just something so exciting and random, hope grows for your seeds and hope you post some pics too.
    Thanks for stopping by =)

  6. Julia, Your magnolia looks stunning to see. I don't think I can even hope to see them grow where I live. :)

  7. You're very fortunate to have Magnolias blooming! I don't have a Magnolia in my garden, but I sure love seeing them in the neighborhood! Sorry about the Jasmine -- I hope it will come back for you.

  8. Love the plant combination you have in your sun garden! Can't wait to see it when it is all blooming! Your magnolia is gorgeous!

  9. There is a wonderful mail order nursery in North Carolina called Camellia Forest from which you can order your white camellia. I highly recommend them. If you lived around here, you could get it from me (see my woody plants for shade post).


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