Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tulips make a scene.....

I have lost count of the number of mornings I have grabbed my coffee, peeked out the window, held my breath and hoped for a show! This year my tulips popped up in early Feb, yes that early and that long ago...gosh they have kept me on my toes. So you can imagine how exciting it was when I saw them start to bud, man it really got my hopes up for an early spring! Litrely months have gone by and only now, finally, are their true colors bursting through and making quite the colorful scene! Happy days my tulips have arrived.....

There are somethings I need to learn about tulips...
For example, these ones near the garage door were bright red last year. Do tulips really change color? or am I really just imagining it? I have even had some pop up that were pink last year and yet white this year...strange!!
Secondly, Do tulips really need to be dug up and saved from "burrowing"? I have heard that they can dig down only to get so deep they get lost? I just find all this so interesting!!
Finally, I have had a number of tulips come up this year only to never produce a flower? Could this be the last I see of this tulip, does it mean its little life is over? How long do tulips last for? or could it just be sick?

I am fascinated with my tulips. I think mainly because the anticipation on their arrival has consumed my morning happenings. I really do love this flower, in my garden or arranged in a vase. Stunning, artistic and architectural, they really are a unique flower that welcome my every morning!

I believe the tulips in my garden are mainly called the "Dutch Miracle" pretty pinks, purples, whites...I love them! This fall I would love to plant some more exotic bulbs and try these beautiful varieties. The Debonair and the Angelique...stunning!

 The beautiful Angelique and the purple & white Debonair

Here are some tulip sites that are so inspiring and full of color. I am really looking forward to finding out some wonderful tulip facts as well as trying my hand at some different varieties. outside of Holland, Washington state has the next largest Tulip industry. Festival on now!  A wonderful blog with everything you need to know about growing

Something I have learnt all to well this year, is that sadly, the moles and squirrels love eating the bulbs...noooo!


  1. Your tulips have rewarded all your patient waiting...they are gorgeous! I am not a tulip expert but perhaps the color change is due to lack of nutrients in the soil. Have you ever amended the soil where the tulips grow? Or, perhaps they have gotten some sort of virus (hopefully not). Just a few thoughts...

  2. Gorgeous tulips. I love them too. Amazing how they keep growing in a vase after cutting. Do squirrels really dig them up to eat? Got a laugh imagining it although I'm sure you don't find it funny at all!!

  3. OK I am no expert but I always assumed that there was cross pollination going on that changed some colors in my garden...also squirrels will dig them up to just dig them up and they will eat them especially red ones the little buggers...of course deer love them even more I think in my garden...hopefully you will get an expert to comment...I have to be careful here because many tulips will only flower for one year and then they just send up foliage and no flower...I have to look for ones that are more perennial. They are lovely though

  4. I think tulips are some of the prettiest of flowers. Yours are gorgeous.

  5. You have some nice,healthy tulips there! Mine are sad and need to be rejuvenated with new bulbs.
    I haven't actually been to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival yet, but hear it is fantastic. (The tulip festival. org link in your post didn't work for me :(

  6. I planted 125 "Best Reds" tulips two falls ago. Had a tremendous bloom the following spring. I followed instructions from the grower to plant deeper than normal so they wouldn't divide and create smaller plants thus smaller blooms. This spring I had three, that's right three plants emerge. I suppose it may be my after care was wrong but I probably wont be planting tulips anymore.

  7. I love how you describe your eager anticipation and I can just imagine your joy at finally seeing the blooms! What a lovely day for you ;)

  8. I love the wait for my tulips, too! What a beautiful site, when those heads finally pop up! Your pics are amazing, too!

  9. Julia, I understand your excitement waiting for your tulips to bloom. With each bloom it's like a new gift. Tulips are right up there in my top five flowers. I love them too. They are beautiful in a vase or outdoors in a landscape. Check out my latest post if you want to see more tulip beauty!


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