Monday, May 16, 2011

Springs report card.....

Spring time Blooms are without a doubt one of the best treats of the year. The visuals, the fragrance, the feel...really a treat for all the senses! Sure the yard is an always evolving process and there's mostly always something growing, challenging and wowing us! But as a gardener (a nothing to fancy, type of gardener) Spring is when the truth is revealed with my gardening work from the previous garden a big bold bursting kind of way! 
I was out enjoying my yard the other day when i thought, what if my garden could write a report card on me, what would it say? I kind of see this time of year, when the garden is in full bloom, like a progress-report on my efforts and skill as a gardener. Am I doing this gardening thing right? Did I tend to those plants correctly? what lived over winter, what is healthy? Its a time of reward, for the fruits of my labor! A time of discovery, elation and sometimes even sadness! But all in all, its the time of year when a lot of hard work pays off, with a beautiful garden to soak in and enjoy!

So while working with mother nature, (yes I am throwing her under the bus this year, as she is guilty as charged for a number of deaths. Thanks frosts and bitter cold!) This is what we were able to work on together, to keep alive and enjoy in all its beauty this Spring. Here's my report card......

Love my pear tree! It is still yet to produce fruit though and as it was planted by the previous owner I have no idea what type of pear tree it is, oh the mystery! These blossoms are one of my favorites to see as well as one of the first to bud for the season. I really could spend all day photographing its blooms, just beautiful!

My Bing-cherry tree, easily the most bloom filled plant I have. With a huge wind it scatters a spring snow fall across my yard. This year it's full of blooms, I am crossing my fingers it was pollinated by its boyfriend next door and will be full of fruit come summer! I am realizing with this tree though, it's getting huge and I may need to trim it up come January.

Agh, the name of this plant above has just escaped my mind! Anyway, I cut this plant back hard in Jan when it lays dormant. It was starting to thin out and thought a trim may produce a thicker growth...voila! Its now gorgeous and bushy, It must of loved the hard cut back, its thriving and budding. This has been a wonderful plant for attracting hummers and butterflies to the yard too. The small pink trumpet shaped flowers will last well in to rewarding! I'll try and remember the name by the time I'm finished typing...hopefully!

Here are more of my blooms that have helped me feel fulfilled as a gardener, bringing with them great reward! Beautiful blooms I didn't kill and have managed to keep alive!

So all in all I don't think I am doing to badly on my report card if I am to be scored by my happy blooms! I think I get an A for effort and an A for attendance!

However here are some of my report cards F's for this year.... 3 Confederate Jasmine, a Coastal Rosemary, 2 mop-head Hydrangeas, a few boxus hedges, 2 Italian cypresses and a sad!! But happy too, as now I am off to find new blooms to put in their places...woo hoo!!! 
Hope you enjoyed my report card and seeing what is blooming in my garden this spring


  1. Julia I loved it..the mystery bloom looks like a weigela. I have 2 just like yours that put on a big show that the hummers and bees love. Lovely flowering trees and sad to hear of all those that were lost. I had massive flooding and am waiting to see the beloved plants lost as well. But it is fun to replace them sometimes with plants that may be more suited in my case...I try to push the envelope too hard some years.

  2. Oh no, Donna I am hoping the floods have not done to much damage and that everyone is safe! Sending hugs your way!! I hear ya on pushing the envelope, its just fun to try something new and see what happens. Although "southern Jasmine" for the Pacific Northwest, what was I!

  3. Hi Julia - I'd give you an A+! lovely blooms and such a joy to look at - you've made me quite envious here in South Africa where nothing much is going on in my garden. I agree that looks like weigela - I just pruned mine today because it just doesn't do what I see my fellow gardeners in the northern hemisphere seem to achieve with theirs - so I cut it back! Hope mine does what yours is doing come Spring! Thanks for giving me a much needed "flower fix" today :)

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my virtual garden. You definitely get more than an A for effort; your blooms are lovely! Looking forward to seeing how your garden progresses this season. :)

  5. My garden mentor Joel (from my nursery working days), always said that you must kill things in order to be a real gardener. That is how you learn :) Hard to take, but true.

    So congrats! You made it to the killing plants, gardener club!!

    Lovely blooms! I love my pear tree too :)

  6. You've got lots of pretty blooms for sure! This was a tough year for the garden, I guess it shows what can survive the toughest weather. I lost a good amount of plants including two roses :(

  7. Hi Julia, Stopping by from A Divia's Garden. I thoroughly enjoyed your blooms. It looks like you're having a good year inspite of your lost. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. Oh, I agree with the others, your mystery blooms look like Weigela. Mine are blooming too.

  8. Can't wait to see what new plants you select! So many lovely bloomers in your garden right now. I've been meaning to stop by for a while. Very nice post!

  9. Well, despite the losses to Mother Nature, your garden still looks gorgeous. Those bing cherry blossoms are just beautiful!

  10. What a great perspective! Such a cute idea of the plants grading the gardener...I think you deserve an A++! Your blooms are beautiful! Sometimes it is just too much to fight Mother Nature. Maybe in the long run she knows best. At least you get to pick out new plants! Happy plant shopping!

  11. Well I think your garden is a tremendous success! Well done. Nature is indeed guilty as charged for inflicting lots of damage this year...sorry you lost some lovely things there but I love your attitude - the positive side of it is that you get to try some new things now in their place!

    Gorgeous photos and great post, as always!

  12. I think everything looks spectacular, and I hope you have no more flooding. You deserve an 'A' for such a lovely garden.

  13. Effort was always the most important grade on my report card when I was growing up - my parents would tolerate lower grades in the subject matter if that effort was an A! But you definitely have an honor roll report card - everything is beautiful. Your attitude is an inspiration! I'm afraid my plants would not give me an "A" for homework in years past - that is where I'm trying to exert some extra effort.

  14. It's true- no one kills more plants (unintentionally) than gardeners! I'll agree with Ginny that it's effort and passion that really makes the garden. With that in mind, your flowers look great! I would love to have a pear tree sometime- guessing at the type of pear yours is sounds like a fun mystery.

  15. Thanks for stopping by and for all your beautiful comments!!! I am feeling so inspired and grateful for you all!
    @Christine, I look forward to seeing your garden come spring. Thats the wondeful thing about garden blogging you get to see spring twice a year ;)
    @Bumble Lush, I am so happy you stopped by! I've been seeing you around lately and think we read many of the same blogs =)
    @WMG, thanks for that great perspective! I love it! I guess I have been a gardener for quite sometime! How fun to have a mentor too..lucky!!

  16. @Catherine, sorry to hear about your roses =( Your garden is looking so beautiful, I'm lucky to have such a wonderful gardener in the same area to be inspired by.
    @rmgales, THANK YOU for the latest friend =) I am so happy you have stopped by, as soon as I'm done here I'm grabbing my cuppa and heading to your blog...cant wait!!
    @PlantPostings, thanks for the visit, I always love seeing familiar faces =)

  17. @Clare, I am so in love with my Bing, this year it did not let me down. By the way, I love your latest bee post..amazing info and pics!!
    @Karin, it was really fun writing this. I spend so much of my life out in the garden. Really only the plants can tell me if I'm doing a good job, thank goodness for happy blooms!
    @Aimee, thank you so much for your sweet words =) I can't wait to hit a nursery, I'll post what I end up with, or post what I can't decide on (I'm the worlds most indecisive

  18. @Michelle, thanks for your sweet mark, all these A's makes me wish I had of taken gardening in school, I might of done! ps, your garden looks spectacular!!
    @Ginny, Thank you for your encouragement! Your parents have an amazing it! Homework is not my strong point either, In fact I am more the - just get to the fun part, stick it in the ground, trial&error type of girl ;)
    @Kate, the mystery pair tree has been fun these last few years, the anticipation of fruit is killing us! Hopefully fingers crossed this is the year =)

  19. Julia, your garden has rewarded you with lots of beautiful blooms. Over the years as a gardener, I have relaxed from the idea that the garden's abundance is a reflection of me and my effort. The effort comes in in studying the sun patterns in all the different parts of the yard, knowing my soil and the climate and choosing plants that grow in those conditions WITHOUT effort on my part! Then God and nature takes care of the rest (well, mostly!), and my job is to appreciate ...

  20. Oh, I love the blooms. We have to really be watchful in CA. We don't usually get rain during the summer, so the plants have to be nurtured with great care.

    I am joining you from "Circle of Bliss"


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