Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome back rain...

After what seems like the longest sunny stretch of weather I think Seattle has ever seen, we are now being drizzled in rain! While we are excited for the sunshine and the chance to be outdoors, the rain is always a welcome sound, not only for our gardens but I think Seattelites really do miss it!

The lawns in our area are drying up and blowing away! I've never seen our neighborhood so yellow and dry. Its funny you can really tell the yards that have an irrigation system, all lush and green for the most part. You feel sorry for all the lawns that are neglected of water, screaming out to be watered! I think the skies heard the cries of the grass and plants, what better built in irrigation system than the skies of the Northwest.

Looking out my window seeing the rain, hearing the rain its a refreshing change! One of my favorite sounds in fact. It truly is a comfort and a tranquil feeling, one I have missed.

Welcome back rain, don't stay away so long next time!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My favorite place....
Is right here in my garden. Its my little oasis! Whether it is just me and my plants, kids playing and laughing under the sprinkler or sitting back and relaxing with my friends...its a wonderful place to be!

This blog is here to remember all the fun happenings, the special moments and the day to day experiences I have here in my beautiful, intimate northwest garden.

I am hoping to use this a reference, for plants, planning, things to do...etc

Thanks for stopping by =)
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