Plot to Plate

Journey of a first time seed sower - Is my latest adventure here at Polka Dot Galoshes.
Join me as I learn about:
  • Growing vegetables from seed all the way through to (fingers crossed) a productive harvest. 
  • Weekly updates on my journey, including a calendar of when and what to do.
  • I will be sharing, tips and tricks, what works and doesn't work and many DIY ideas.
  • I'll also share why I have decided to grow veg from seed and my passion for organic.
  • All while keeping a running budget to show the productiveness of growing our own organic veggies v's buying them from the store.
This is also where I will post yummy recipes and tasty treats for entertaining and family living. There really is nothing quite as tasty or as rewarding as eating fresh veggies you have grown in your own garden!
Look out for guest bloggers here also, posting their latest home grown veg and what they are preparing for dinner!!

Tomato Feta Bruschetta

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