Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Back to Blogging

School is Back and so am I! I'm so looking forward to posting once again and catching up with all my favorite blogs now that the craziness of summer break has come to an end. So much has happened in my garden and around the Northwest I am bursting to share....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Learning how to balance....Life & Blogging!

Sigh..."Really! Didn't I just clean you bathroom? I don't want to scrub toilets I want to blog!" (insert bratty 3yr old tantrum here) Actually when I think about my day and the time spent, it is usually filled with brain-numbing chores that will only need to be re-done again tomorrow. Things that will be messed up or eaten, not meaningful things that I can look back on in a months time and admire. But then who actually admires a newly cleaned toilet anyway!

Insert flower photo here. It is a garden blog after!

So there lays my problem! Balance, there has to be some. One of the reasons I started my blog was a personal way to have a creative outlet and provide some "Me" balance in my days. Write, garden, photography, meeting new people, all things I love to do, so it was a perfect coming together of my interests, not to mention I really LOVE it!! It was a great balance...kind of the, Stay At Home Mom by day, Wine Drinking Garden Blogger by night. Sounds great hey!

Then walks in summer vacation...oh joy! Now don't get me wrong, I love being a mom with the many fun and exciting moments and I love my kids more than life. My two boys 6 & 8 are the sweetest, funniest things you will ever meet. But seriously, 10 weeks of no school is beyond a form of "cruel and unusual punishment" for a stay at home parent, its enough to drive me to drink (oh already there) its enough to drive me completely insane...lock me up!! Goodbye blogging...sniff sniff! Goodbye gardening...sniff sniff! I just couldn't do it with so much else that needed doing....the guilt of giving my time to blogging, putting it before the kids, house or the husband, it was killing me!

My days were now full of not only the brain-numbing chores but now the insanity-inducing entertainment, chauffeur driving, my wish is your command, 8yr old boy type of day!! (Although I have learnt how to defeat Bowser in Super Mario Bros, so not all is lost) With my days now so full, by the time the boys were finally in bed for the night, so was I! To tired to finish the laundry let alone do any blogging or god! Agh the neglect.

Insert another pic for my garden blogging friends here!

So the lesson that I have learnt this summer....DON'T do it ALL! You will seriously go crazy and then nothing will be achieved, except in my case where I helped stimulate economy with my wine purchasing!
I have had to put aside the idea that I am a supermom and can do it all! I have tried to do that to only burn myself out or neglect areas in my life that need me. Time to re-prioritize and let go of guilt and pressure...ahh its freeing! My blogging is me, its what I do! If my kitchen is messy it wont kill anyone if it is put it off for a bit while I get my post out.
Balancing has to be done and blogging is one thing I can not do without!

How do you balance your life and blogging? I would still love any tips or tricks as to what can help...thanks!!
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