Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unique & affordable gift ideas for the gardener in us all!

With Christmas just around the corner I find myself faced with the question...what do I want for Christmas? Besides the obvious...a clean house, perfect children and a cabinet stocked with liquor! I find myself searching aimlessly for what I really want. Ummmm? yeah not a clue!

I have to say its hard to think of "wants" when money is such a rare commodity these days. Like I am sure for so many others, Christmas can be an expensive time made all the more expensive by expectations of what a perfect Christmas should be. The huge and impressive cooked meal, the gathering of friends and family (the more the merrier right?), the gifts from the never-ending Santa list beautifully written in crayon and stuck to the fridge so you will not forget the parent guilt of making your children happy, which by the way our chocolate-eating-Vodka-drinking Santa gets the credit for any way! (We like to appreciate Santa with more than just milk and cookies)

My oldest wants video games, spy gear, Ipod (you know, all the expensive stuff from the Christmas catalog) While my six year old wants a drum-set (which will inevitably come with sound proofing for the walls, maybe a basement extension to put it in, headphones for the household and an extra large bottle of Xanax for me!)

So here lies my conundrum can I really afford to have wants this time of year when there are already so many other wants out there feasting on the little money we do have?
Well after hours of productive surfing online I have come to the conclusion...hell yeah I can!!
I may not get that amazing French provincial greenhouse I saw at the garden expo last year (although hint hint honey I would really love it!!) or give my gardening neighbor those diamond crusted gardening gloves I saw on Amazon...but check out all this amazing affordable goodness for garden lovers. Oh I want! I want!
This could also work well for teachers and grandparents or that hard to buy for uncle who says he likes everything anyway!

What are some gardening inspired gifts you have loved to give or have received? I'm feeling inspired after seeing all this creativity to make some gifts this year too, I think I may have to blog about that next!

Thanks for reading, its nice to be back...xx
Cheers Julia


  1. Welcome back, Julia! I've missed you! These are great ideas! I especially love the silverware...sweet!

  2. Thanks Cat, I'm so happy you stopped by! I've missed you too!! It's so exciting to be back blogging after the many insanties of these last few months. I can't wait to catch up with your blog and everyone else in the Blotanical community!!! Hugs Julia xx

  3. Welcome back Julia.
    What a pity you live so far away... My eight year old has just upgraded to a full size drum kit. His smaller one is looking for a new home. And it's not too loud (when it's up the other end of the house with all the doors closed).

  4. Welcome back! You have some nice looking gifts posted today, and all affordable too. I did see the spoons before and I think they are great.

  5. Lovely colour co-ordinated gifts. I rather fancy myself in that hat....
    Good to see you blogging again, Julia.

  6. Fun gift ideas...I may have to save up my swagbucks for some of those and give a gift to myself. :)

  7. Welcome back! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I'm thinking about doing paperwhites. Do you know where can I get them other than $Molbaks$$$$ ?

    Just a little thought about the drum set. If you use it in the garage and you have neighbours, you might not make friends. :) Our old neighbours had one (for their son) when my kids were small and still napping. I wasn't too happy about that.

  8. I was just wondering where you were and then I saw this post pop up in Blotanical! Good to "see" you again :)

    Love all the ideas - but, is it Christmas again ALREADY? Yikes ... I haven't even thought about it yet.

  9. 2 years ago my husband gave me a rain barrel. I had been wanting one but knew how much he hates anything involving tools, so I had never bought one fearing they would never be installed. We bought four more over the summer and he installed them all. It was an awesome gift!!

  10. Yes they are lovely gifts for us gardeners. I love the silverware too. I actually use the plastic wares from fastfood chains as labels in my pots.

  11. I am digging that apron! I actually have a kitchen apron - it never gets used. I may have to tell it that it's now a gardening apron!

  12. One year I gathered seed from my garden to form a mix and then silk-screened envelopes to put them in. This was years ago, & I still get the occasional comment from someone who received that Christmas card. Your choices are inspiring.

  13. Love, love, LOVE the rubber stamp idea (as a gift to me)! Thanks!

  14. Thanks for visiting everyone, its so wonderful to be in touch with you'll again, back blogging!! I have to say this list is to help inspire my hubby...hehe! All these were found on Etsy..love it!
    Veggiegobbler, if only you did live closer, I would send my son to your place to play ;) Thanks for the offer though.
    Sheila I am hoping we don't become "that" neighbor...lol!
    Ricki what a wonderful idea! I'll send you my address so I can be on your Chrissy list..wink wink!
    Debra, that stamp was my fave idea too, so cheap and so personal...love it!!

  15. What fabulous gift ideas! (My 7 year old wants drums too - yikes!).. I love the spoon garden markers.. very clever recycling.. thanks for sharing these!


  16. oh I love the spoons with the herb names on them..and the fleece welly liners - so cosy! xx

  17. I like unique gift ideas because there are all affordable gift.

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Thanks for stopping by and reading my latest post! I love sharing my gardening adventures and reading your wonderful comments. Happy digging...Cheers Julia!!

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