Penny Pinching

Everyone loves a good deal and a way to save money!
Unfortunately I could spend our paycheck 10 times over with all the dreams and big plans I have for my garden. So I have had to become pretty creative to get the look I want at a budget price. Lately I have been coming across some wonderful deals and thought I would use my blog as a way to pass on some of these ideas and great finds....

Here at Polka Dot Galoshes I will (from time to time) be posting....
  • Budget friendly gardening tips
  • Best deals online and in store (especially at my favorite nurseries!)*
  • Coupon codes*
  • Do it yourself projects
  • And any other great tips tricks you may have that you wish to share...
*Please note, this will in no way be a means to make money, no commissions and nothing in it for me. I just love a good deal and want to pass on some great findings...stay tuned!! 

My Budget commitment for 2012
Buy only organic and GMO free seed and product from companies that promote sustainability practices
When possible buy only secondhand and salvaged materials (green budget commitment)
ONLY buy plants if I already have the space and area planned for it, no matter how tempting the sale!
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