Friday, January 29, 2010

January and the garden is budding?
What the....

This has been one crazy winter, in December we had one of the coldest weeks on record -11 brrr! And now January we are in the 50's and the gardens are starting to come back to life!

I am crossing my fingers we do not get a Feb frost or it will be goodbye flowers =( I'll be the crazy gardener out there wrapping my garden in blankets I!

Last week we had temps of 56 and sunny, blue skies. What better thing to do than get out in the garden! Cut back all the hydrangeas, pulled the grass out of the garden beds, trimmed back my fruit trees, started shapping some hedges. Noticing lots of bulbs poking their heads up and lots of buds on the fruit trees, even my hydrangeas are getting their leaves....CRAZY!!!!
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