In my garden

Welcome to my garden! 
Wow, where do I start? I have over 80 varieties of plants on my small 1700 sq foot plot! (That also includes my house and driveway) so really not much yard is left over. The scary thing is I keep adding to my collection without finding out how to take care of the ones I already have. There is so much to learn!
Here I will be posting about my findings on the plants I have in my yard, how to look after them and make sure they thrive in this pesticide/chemical free environment...agh!
Wish me and my brown thumb, but most of all my plants luck!

Some of my beautiful plants...
Huge collection of Hydrangeas
Vines - Wisteria, Jasmine, Ivy, Clamatis etc
Lilacs, Magnolias and other flowering trees
Over seven varieties of roses
Fruit trees
Maples in all shapes and sizes
Evergreen firs
More perennials than you can poke a stick at and the list goes on.....

Here is a list of blog postings on my plant studies:
Plant adventures with Magnolia's

Plus I'll post all the ones I adopt and add over the seasons
Wish list includes...

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