Going Organic

This year I have made a vow to go organic! Follow me, on this year of discovery, learning, rewards and mistakes as I figure out how to successfully garden and grow veg on the cheap without killing anything!

Its a huge step as I have only ever known cheap, easy, quick gardening, usually resulting in the no-name fertilizer that had more "what to do if swallowed, inhaled, comes in contact with skin and emergency info" on it than directions. Yikes, do I really want to be exposed to chemicals like this? Sure the garden looked green, sometimes neon-green, but what was I really exposing my family to? Time for a change!

Honestly I never thought I would be taking an organic route. But with all the political unrest in regards to food safety and the "wholeness" of food, the fertilizers they use and my level of trust in all things supposedly being "safe" for us. It has all really made me rethink what I put on my garden, where it ends up and how it effects us.

In my efforts to make a difference to the local environment and to provide a safe and healthy yard for my family and wildlife, not to mention to make sure that the fruit & veg we grow are safe enough to eat.
From January 2011 my yard will be striving to be organic and pesticide free...yippie!

I will post here links to my organic posts.
I am excited to learn and would be thrilled to hear from you in regards to your organic adventures!
One organic step at a time and I will get there....wish me luck!

Polka Dot Galoshes

image from a wonderful article at fashoinesta Five simple ways to go organic
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