My dream is to one day have a property, urban or rural where I am free to grow and breed what I like!!
Yes I live in hum-drum suburbia, in a cookie-cutter estate with a strict Home Owners Association.
I'd love to have chickens and goats and over producing organic vegetable patches. To not worry about what pesticide run-off is coming into my garden from my neighbors neon green lawn! To have a lawn where clover and dandelions are welcome with out being fined!

But until then I will make do with what I have...

        And turn my square block and my square house into an organic and sustainable oasis amidst this chemical consumer jungle!

Trying to live in the moment as a wife, mom, friend, gardener, writer, photographer, earth steward...blogger!!

Born and raised in Sydney Australia, where the sunshine is totally taken for granted. I moved to Seattle USA  shortly after I got married, for these two Aussies...what a culture shock! From sun to glum, where gray dominates the setting and drizzle is a given. However Seattle has grown on us and 10yrs later we have settled down and are now raising two little Seattlites of our own. One with Autism and one with a sassy attitude, I love my boys, but thank god for chocolate and vodka. And yes more often than not I will be gardening with a glass of something yummy in hand.

In my previous life I was a pre-school teacher, interior designer and travel agent amongst other things, I've always been a "I'll try anything" kinda gal who loves to spice up life and make it interesting! Or maybe its ADD? A fear of commitment? what ever it is, life should not be boring!!

Blogging has been a wonderful way to combine a number of my latest passions and for the most part its been great therapy! A great outlet for my gardening, creativity, my love of writing and photography. Its also for me, something the kids cant touch and draw on with a sharpie!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit, leave a comment, follow my blog and I will be sure to return the favor! Looking forward to meeting you and others out in the bloggersphere! 

Julia - Polka Dot Galoshes
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