Monday, December 19, 2011

Sassy Salvagaing...Old door to new headboard!

So you will find I am not always out in my garden...oh shock! Especially in the lovely winter months here in Seattle. Maybe if I were still in Sydney where the sun is still brave enough to shine on through the winter, but here even the sun is afraid to show its face in my usually frosty yard.
What is one to do when the garden is just not calling? When the indoors are cozy and the closest I get to gardening is looking at it through the window and my thoughts say...brrr, Hell no!

Its time to hibernate and decorate!!! Where I can stay in my snugly jammies with a hot cup of coffee, where the possibilities are limitless...New color on the walls, a DIY project inspired by Pinterest, clearing some clutter, and I guess the cleaning that has to come first...but really phooie to the un-forfilling cleaning, I just want to get creative and decorate!!

The first week of rain and I hit the local salvage center for a quick (well supposed to be quick) DIY project....Its Bedroom make-over time and I need a new headboard. Plus my hubby is out of town on a business trip so its...surprise bedroom make-over time!! And yes, I did pretend I was on one of those HGTV make-over shows, especially when it came time for the big!

Inspiration...Pinterest of cause!! Here is the pic that got the creative juices flowing. Check out the link

Time...Should've taken a 4-6hours, but math and measuring are really not my strength, lets just say lots of caulking to fill my mistakes...oops! Ended up taking 2 days from first measure to fully installed!

Cost... An old solid 1920's wood 5 panel door $15, molding 50c/ft = $3 and paint, caulking, nails and scrap-wood I already had. With my credit at Second use I ended up paying nada...woot! So for under $20 a new chic salvaged headboard. So much cheaper than a store bought, plus I can say I made it, faults and all! Although I like to call those bits "see I really did make it" marks.

Supplies...Old panel door (84in) works well for a King size, crown molding, trim, a 2x4x8 (used as legs to prop the door on), nails to attach legs and crown molding and lots of caulk, primer and paint.

Tools...Saw (to cut trim), sandpaper (to smooth the surface of door for painting), hammer, measuring tape (if you are me, someone to check your measurements!), pencil, brushes.

I also ended up painting the wall behind the bed a rich grey and picked up some old bed-side lamps at a thrift store. Here is my end result....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Blooming Fall Beauty

My last bloom to withstand the freeze of fall. It was quite the well protected survivor...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Should've bought a leaf blower...but inflatable flamingos are so much fun!

Its always the way, half way through raking the never-ending falling leaves in my yard, I am reminded by my nagging, practical and indecisive mind..."You should've bought that leaf blower!"
You know the one you see on sale in summer when no one needs a leaf blower, its marked 80% off as its left over from last years stock. But fooie, its summer and I could think of so many more exciting ways to spend the $50...this year it was new pool toys including an inflatable flamingo...I know you're jealous, what a buy!!!

Every year, I have the same conversation with myself and every year the same answer... "Well I'm done raking now, maybe I'll get it next year in the sales."

However, if its not my annoying mind nagging me at this time of year, its my equally as annoying "Mr Jones" like neighbor, who so perfectly-times the start up of his leaf blower as to abruptly na! I have one, watch me get this done in half the time and with so much "perfect yard-keeper manpower"...insert manly power tool growl here!

So now I am left, after raking for the 4th time this blustery leaf falling season, exhausted, chilled to the bone, blisters on hands (Ok I know, gloves next time!) and a death wish for all deciduous trees.(Not really trees, I love you, especially Magnolia...but grrrr!!)
What should I do? Go buy a "Mr Jones" leaf blower now, when I know they are in demand and full price? or wait for the sales in summer when I am sure an inflatable pool pony would be more enticing? or just not bother at all? Ahhh the choices we must make!!

Now that I think about it, as I am sitting down with my rum apple cider (more rum than cider) which helps with the burning sensation from the numbness in my hands, I find the horror of the raking I just endured is fading quickly. Clarity...could anything be more disruptive on a beautiful fall day than the never ending sound of a leaf blower, vomiting out a gas stench, while driving the neighborhood dogs to insanity? Really is it worth it?
Raking is so simple and intimate, the sounds the smells, the cursing at the leaves. On a perfect fall day is there anything more Fall'ish to do? See now I am torn, to buy or not to buy oh and which one? Or rake will I see you again, same-place/same-time next year?
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