Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Penny Pinching

Everyone loves a deal and a way to save money!
Unfortunately I could spend our paycheck 10 times over with all the dreams and big plans I have for my garden. Lately I have been coming across some wonderful deals and thought I would use my blog as a way to pass on some of these ideas and great finds....
Here at Polka Dot Galoshes I will (from time to time) be posting....

Budget friendly gardening tips
Best deals online and in store (especially at my favorite nurseries!)
Coupon codes
Do it yourself projects
And any other great tips & tricks you may have that you wish to share...

Please note, this will in no way be a means to make money, no commissions and nothing in it for me. I just love a good deal and want to pass on some great findings...stay tuned!!


  1. Looking forward to your tips and coupon research. You should have a good following for these posts.

  2. Always looking for a deal! Looking forward to your tips.

  3. Nothing like the satisfaction of a great project done on a humble budget! Looking forward to what you discover and share :)

  4. Love that you are FRUGAL like me!! And love the garden.. you are my type of gal!! Cant wait to see more of what you have to post.
    (Hopefully I will also be able to keep people interested in mine: flowerbulbcrazy.com)
    Thank you!

  5. Ha! I just took a part time job so I could buy more plants. I think I should come back for some of your tips instead! Look forward to it.

  6. Great post...great blog! I have been known to do some penny pinching from time to time.

  7. Penny pinching is always a good idea. Thanks for thinking about other gardeners.

  8. Fun concept. Looking forward to see your posts.

  9. Julia,
    It was lovely meeting you today. You're my kind of people! I hope we get to meet again soon. At least before the Fling!

  10. Oh I just found some wonderful deals and coupons I am getting ready to post! Love me a deal!!!

    Christine - It was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday. What a thrill to meet a fellow blogger. I can't wait to catch up with you again and will be back at the store for sure! Cant wait to hear how your seeds all go too =)

    Love to all you beautiful gardeners and bloggers out there, Cheers Julia...xx

  11. Julia, I love budget-friendly gardening tips, do-it-yourself projects, and great deals. You can say I have Cadillac taste on a Ford budget! Please share what you know.

  12. Yes I also love a great deal. Started following to to stay in touch. Come on by my new blog when you have time as I'll be updating a lot this year also.
    Goldenray Yorkies


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