Sunday, April 1, 2012

Free and repurposed...seeding containers

Who doesn't love free! I am loving this seeding journey and I am loving it all the more for being so cheap!
After researching different styles of seeding trays, pods, puck's, mixes, fancy do-dads and everything in between.  
I decided to raid my own recycling bin for my solutions. Here's what I found...


Single piece, doubled over and folded down, wrap around a can from the pantry, fold the bottoms over, take can out and voila...a paper seeding pot. tip-I liked the tomato paste size tin for small results.

Egg containers 

These organic egg containers from Costco are brilliant! They hold 32 eggs = 32 starts...yay! These are particularly good as they act like a mini greenhouse, you should see the condensation these create. Tip - poke holes in the bottom with a skewer, very thin plastic but durable!

Apple slice containers

These were another Costco re-use, love the big bulk sizes! This container is awesome for the longer grow time seeds, like tomatoes. I have 4 growing in each little green house and they should be happy in there until its time transplant to the garden. Tip - I poked this with a number of holes but cracked the base, so I lined it with paper towel.

Yogurt containers

Oh I LOVE these yogurt containers! These are the new Greek yoplait yogurts with granola mix and look, look at that wonderful lid, its like they specifically designed these for use as little green houses afterwards...thanks yoplait! I love these also for tomatoes and have started some herbs in them too. Tip - the base is con-caved so make sure you poke holes in the lowest points for best drainage.

I washed all the plastic in a hot water/vinegar solution and let air dry
I then poked holes in the bottom of all compartments for drainage
And then filled 2/3 with sterile seeding mix...Done!

Seeding Trays

I placed all these containers on old cookie trays and in cake tins, that really had seen better days...presto, new Free drip trays. Tip - Hit the thrift-store for cheap bake-ware, I picked up some extras for 50c..bargain! The perfect size for two egg it!

What are some of your favorite re-purposed seeding containers or ways of keeping the cost down?


  1. My favourite 'free' containers are the takeaway large cardboard coffee cups. Great for beans and sweet peas. Gardeners are excellent recyclers.

  2. i really like the newspaper idea. and especially for some seeds, the handy yogurt greenhouse is awesome! some of the baby foods have handy little lids, too. do you remove the lids as soon as the seeds sprout, or leave them a little longer?

  3. great idea on the thrift store too...I reuse lots of plastic containers like yours and they work great...

  4. Great ideas and thrifty. I use a lot of those re-purposed containers for seeding too. Have a wonderful week.

  5. You may want to check into dirt squares or I've also heard them called soil blocks. There is no container and the roots never hit a wall so they are not hindered. Once they get to the air out side of the soil block, they turn around and go back it. You use bigger squares for tomatoes, squash, etc, things that have taproots or need longer indoor times. The smaller squares are great for lettuce, onions, etc. Then all you really have is the pan to put them in and if you want the green house affect, just get the silver cooking tins with lid (2 pack for 3.99) to store them. I went the expensive buy everything from johnnys seeds, which is great, but it wouldn't be hard to make your at home editions. I'll try to make a post on it next weekend.

  6. Very creative, I am repurposing a large plastic milk jug for my newest Dahlia tubers right now.

    Wish that I had more gardens to plant, I would have seeds galore. But that will come later.

    Great ideas, love the newspaper pots.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. Bravo! Those fancy-dancy seed catalogs want us to think we need to spend hundreds of dollars for the right getup. No siree. Use what you've got I say and save the money for more important things. I have used the foil with plastic top cake pans from the dollar store. They work great. Excellent post.

  8. Great ideas! Toilet tissue and paper towel cardboard centers also work great and they can be planted directly into the ground with the plants. Good luck with all of you plants!

  9. Clever girl! You've been busy! I don't grow from seed unless I can direct sow them so I don't have any clever ideas for containers. I did repurpose some wire recently to hang fruit from to tempt the migrating birds.


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