Saturday, April 2, 2011

A crock & the love of salvaging

One of my favorite FAVORITE gardening pleasures is finding something salvageable and bringing life back to it! Taking something destined for the dump and making it beautiful or purposeful once again. I love the look of the "well-used" the vintage and the down right shabby. I love saying, I told you I could do something with it...oh the challenge!
OK, so another favorite treat is to go treasure hunting for just such a piece, I'm a sucker for that magical find and a great bargain or better still...a freebie! Whether at a local flea market, thrift store, salvage center or even a random discovery on the side of the road, there is always some creative salvaging or re-purposing to be done. You never know what you will stumble across!
These gorgeous empty seed packs will be saved from the trash, framed and used as art in the house. Part of my salvage and re-use, these will be perfect for bringing a hint of the outdoors in!

So here is my latest find...I hit the jackpot! I wanted to scream, but played it "cool-jules" so I could get a good deal...ahh, the thrill of a find!

For years while out looking at junk, I have been searching on the side for the perfect crock or a "crack-pot" as I started referring to it...hehehe! Well a pot that's cracked and ideal for use in container gardening, the cracks allow for excellent drainage.
Really it's a little more specific than just a pot, I was looking for a redwing crock, a six gallon with handles to be precise. (Please don't read on if you are a collector as the following is crock sacrilege!)

Oh happy days, there it was stuffed full of random things at a junk store, in the middle of no where, up in tulip country. It was love at first site and so going home with me. The price $29 crazyness! These things sell from $70 and up. Well no stranger to a deal I got it for $20 plus some cool looking seed packs. The only thing was, the sales lady said why dont you get it to the car before you pay for! It was that badly cracked.
Home to transform into the flower pot of my dreams.

Well it now graces my front porch and is chock full of welcoming lushness. Stocks, alysum, crocus and a small purple flower I have completely forgotten the name of. The huge crack is hidden on the other side, not visible, it could not have worked out better!

Some of my fave local salvage centers....

Some of my fave flea market garden blogs...

I'll be sharing more of my salvaged yard here soon. From birdhouses, planter boxes, yard entertaining, potting bench, stepping stones, ideas for scrap-wood...the list goes on!!


  1. I love crocks. I really like how you have it set up there and love the flowers you put in it.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. That is a great find! It does seem like you have to get out of the Seattle area to get some good prices on those types of things. We took a day trip to Whidbey Island today, next time we'll head up to the area you went. I love looking in little shops for things that someone else thinks is junk. Your crock looks so cute with the flowers in it.

  3. I like your reuse. I too did the 'unthinkable' to a large, handled copper container that was an antique. I made it into a planter and drilled drainage holes in it. My neighbor liked it so much, she found one at a flea market and did the same thing.

  4. I like those empty seed packs, they look vintage and would be lovely if you planned to frame them!

  5. I love your explanation of your philosophy followed by an example. This is what sustainable living is all about. You should submit your post to The Sustainable Living Project put on by Jan at Thanks for Today. Not only will you contribute a lot with your wise words, but you could win a prize!!!

  6. Very good purpose for this piece of history. You did get a great deal - and it looks priceless filled with flowers.

  7. Oh yeah, I'm with you, I love to find a good deal on something and repurpose it for the garden! Your seed packets will look adorable framed!

  8. flea market gardening it is being called and there is even a new website from Anna Looper who does Best Garden is so much fun designing with shabby chic in the garden...

  9. Did you put a drainage hole in the bottom. The handles are definelty a bonus. Have a crock in the shed, I plan to finally get it out this year. Thinkin I paid a little more than 30 for mine.

  10. Very, very cool! Great find, my friend! So, would you be willing to keep your eagle eyes peeled for me when you are out and about? I'm looking for some new (to me) ceramic pots and containers for my deck. I want lots of color and the bigger the better! I've been looking at new ones and I just can't believe the prices! Thank you!


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