Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time to get your Fuchsia on!

Here's a Penny Pinching sale I just had to share.....
Every year around this time, Fuchsia's start appearing in stores. Some might say its to early and still to cool for a Fuchsia to be truly happy. Well at prices like this I think its worth a shot!

April 9th, this Saturday between 9am to 4pm, Fred Meyer* has its annual Fuchsia potting sale.
For $3 you get 5 Fuchsia starts and they will pot it for you in your own pot (I take ones from home) using black/gold potting soil and they don't mind if you pot it yourselves....what a deal!!

Last year for $9 I had three stunning baskets full of Marinka Fuchsias...happy girl! They thrived and did amazingly. One is even coming back this year for an encore.

Happy savings!!
*Check your local Fred Meyer as times/dates/prices may vary


  1. Wow! Sounds like a good deal. How does it work? They come in poly bags?

  2. Where can I find a pair of those goulashes?

  3. Setia, they are small 2in starter pots. I usually fill my 20in hanging baskets with 5 starts each, that is plenty to fill out over spring/summer...agh I am giddy with excitement thinking about this, I love my Fuchsia's =)

    Gregg, The galoshes in the pic were my first pair 8yrs ago when I fell in love with gardening. I will usually go though about 2-3 pairs a! I am always on the quest for polka dots =) Zappos, target, Fred Meyer and Amazon seem to be where I have the most luck. If you get some you'll have to tell me, I want to see pics =)

  4. That is a deal! Wish I was close a Fred Meyers. Dang my luck!!
    'hugs from afar'

  5. what a deal...who could pass that up...


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