Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lessons learned...Persistent birds!

Oops! I have to be one of the more distracted gardeners, I start one thing and finish doing something completely different. 

Yesterday was no exception. I was finally out in my sun filled yard to re-fill the empty bird feeders. For days now my sweet little chickadees would come visit only to find empty feeders (well feeders they couldn't feed from, its funny how there is always 2in at the bottom they can never get down to...sorry friends) Anyway, with seed in hand, heading to my bird feeder tree, I notice how my hydrangea had a huge fallen branch in it from my plumb tree. Better fix that!
My hydrangeas are all now looking gorgeous, fed and watered. I also trimmed the shoots from my cherry tree and spread some mulch. I pulled some huge dandelions out of the lawn and...hmmm, I'm sure there was something I was forgetting to do?...Oh well!
The next morning I woke to what sounded like a thousand birds fluttering about right out side my window. Loving the happy tweets, I lazed in bed soaking it all in.

There was good reason for all the birdie joy.....

I guess they hit the jackpot of bird seed! Serves me right for being scattered I guess. But my birds were happy with full bellies, hope you feel the love little birdies. Now just come back and clean it up...hehe!

Lesson learned for today...Even though it is a brand-new bag of seed that had not even been opened, don't leave it outside to come back to the next day, birds are persistent and will stop at nothing to get to that seed!
Oh and to finish one thing before moving on to the next...oops. Although not sure if I'll ever learn that one!

Here is a list of blogs I have read this week about birds and distractions...enjoy!! - The elusive Mr Cardinal - Distraction - Rainy day visitors

PS friends, I will be away for a few days and blog free! Yikes, hope I survive! Will see you when I get back from a fun-filled girls week away.


  1. Have a great time with your girlfriends. I laughed at the thought of you enjoying the tweeting outside, oblivious of what was going on! I, too, need to learn how to stay on task! Fun post.

  2. How did they ever open that big bag? Do you think they would come after the big bag of dog food I leave outside?

  3. How nice ..thx for the shout deserve a break to focus on those distractions some more...enjoy

  4. Love it! I bet the squirrels started that mess, I caught them chewing a hole in a bag I had on the porch last summer. I guess it all ends up in the same place no matter where they feed!

  5. Huge thanks for stopping by!!!
    @Holley, lol, so joyfully oblivious =)
    @One, it was amazing to see the amount of pecked wholes in the bag, there was no right way to hold it, agh the mess continued as I tried to pick it up.
    @Donna, it was my pleasure, your blog came straight to mind when I came across this and how distracted I was in my garden yesterday..ha!
    @Lisa, my son decided it was lawn seed and started to scatter it...noooo! So between the birds, the squirrels and my little guy, who knows where this stuff has ended up and what will now sprout in my lawn..could be fun! Thanks everyone for stopping by...kisses

  6. Oh that is too funny! I have been enjoying the birds tweeting away lately too so I can only imagine what you experienced. Maybe it was worth it! Hope you have a fun weekend away from the blog! We are having a garage sale this weekend. hmm. Not so fun.

  7. @Stacy, I must admit, I loved it!! Those happy little tweeters sure do fill my heart! They haven't done a to bad a job of cleaning it up either, only 5 or so more lbs to! hope the garage sale goes great! At least you'll have gorgeous weather for it!!

  8. LOL! Like Lisa I bet it was squirrels who opened the bag.

    I had a similar thing happen with a bag of Milorganite left outside and raccoons. I don't know why they loved that stuff, but they did/do. What a mess!

  9. That is so funny...but it seems to have brought you and the birds joy. Have a great time away!

  10. I am late to comment, but this happens to me all the time. And the chipmunk is always the one joyously dancing in the seed. I am the one not so happy he has found a way into my stash.

  11. Julia, I can totally relate with your distraction problem. Many times that's the way I garden...going from one area to another without any real plan. So glad you were able to enjoy the birds though. I'm sure they'll be back knowing you have the best bird seed stash in the neighborhood. Haha

  12. Oh my that is certainly a lesson learned.
    Thanks for the link at the end of your post, what a great idea.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  13. Those are some determined birds! Full and happy now! If you figure out how to remember to stay on track while working in the gardens/yard..let me know. really. Cheers, Jenni

  14. What determined little birds! I love pictures of birds in the garden.

    Julia, thanks so much for linking to my blog. I linked back to you on that same post.

    I also would love to see pictures of your hydrangeas in bloom now. :)

  15. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that is a happy accident indeed for those birds - what a field day they must have had. I'm sure word spread quickly that a serious feast was being served up over at your place.

    I have been *this close* to doing the same thing (although at our place it would have been the raccoons having the midnight snack of dreams...)

    Hope you had a fabulous time with your gals!


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