Friday, May 6, 2011

May hope grows day

So I braved the wet and the cold to take these pics today...
Spring where are you hiding?

The seeds I scattered and posted about on April's Hope Grows day are slowly creeping up, although I am not 100% sure as to what they are? I know the one on the right is a stock, but that cute little one in the middle I am still guessing....

From an older post, the jasmine that I thought had died still has life...barely! I think I have decided to replace two with something else, agh I don't know? I really hate digging out plants with the HOPE that there may be some life left in it. But I guess as it did so badly this winter, maybe its not the plant for my garden...oh I don't know!! Help!
My lilac is starting to them! And boy have they been attracting the hummers. Although I think two of them may be butterfly bush? They are sending up shooters like crazy, seriously taking over the garden!! I have to find out.

And here is the progress on my veggie gardens...WOW, look at that! Yeah not a lot has happened so here is a pick of where it HOPEFULLY will be going this month. Thanks to a little change of my budget for the month, I get to enjoy my neglected part of the yard a little longer. Crossing my fingers that this month will be the month!!

I am looking forward to seeing my Peonies burst with big juicy blooms. And yes that was taken today at 3pm...notice the flash due to total lack of spring time sun. The lighting did not make it easy to take pics *note to self, take photography lessons!

I am also looking forward to my wisteria canopy coming to life. There are hundreds and hundreds of tiny fury buds this year, gosh I am looking forward to their beautiful, sweet fragrant blooms...

And then last and my most desperate hope is....
I am HOPING for....SPRING!!!

Thanks for a wonderful meme!


  1. Did you see the weather report? Monday and Tuesday are looking good! I love those lilacs!

  2. I visited Oregon before but never Washington. Does it rain every day? Or does it just seems like it does. Hope sunshine and spring come soon.

  3. I know the feeling! It has been raining everyday and cold, but it does make my tulips last longer :)

    My lilacs are just starting too. But your peonies are ahead... mine are 12"sprouts, no buds. I am just guessing, but from here your seedling looks like a Malva (mine is pink flowering, common name Mallow).

    Thank you for all of the nice comments you have left on WMG this week. My computer has been in the Mac shop all week!! Like not having a right arm. So I am catching up now :)

  4. You are way ahead of us with lilacs and peonies. We have been getting daily rain too with ground too wet to work.

  5. I hope your peonies burst forth, too, and you have a little sunshine to enjoy them.

  6. My guess is the seedling is malva. Though around here we have a clever little weed whose name I do not know that looks a lot like malva when it's first sprouting. Hope yours is the flower, not the weed!

  7. I can't believe I had to put my little one's winter coat on her yesterday when we went out in the afternoon. I am so hoping spring will show up and stay longer for one day at a time. My seedlings are barely growing. I agree that the seedling looks like a malva too. Crossing my fingers that Tuesday will be nice as predicted.

  8. Thanks for all the comments =)
    DP - Bring on Monday...whoo hoo!
    Greggo - lol, at the moment yes it rains every day (ok exagerating, it just seems like it does!) April we had 6 days with no precip, we are a little soggy here!
    WMG - can't wait to see your peonies bloom too =) Malva, seems thats what the majority think too, thanks!!
    Holley - Oh how I am crossing my fingers and everthing else for some sunshine ;)
    Billie Jo - Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye out for foe or friend =)
    Catherine - Seriously, I was back to wearing my peacoat today, crazy! Been thinking about your garden lately, its been a cold spring for seedlings.

  9. Lovely looking at your garden. My lilac are over now, looking very pale and going brown. Nice to see your peony at the same stage as mine - we shall have to have a competition as to whose opens first!

  10. I share your sentiments and had a chuckle about your side note to take a photography class. I've been feeling exactly the same way, although, the lack of sunshine outside hasn't helped my garden photography either. Well, we did have Tuesday this past week ;)

  11. I think that my hope is being fulfilled. Spring seems to be here, in abundance. It's green down the streets, and green in the gardens. But our Lilacs are not blooming ..... yet. That's OK, it just prolongs the beauty.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. Julia I know how you are I have said before we do have similar weather in Central NY ..we had over 10 in of rain April and I am just now drying out from floods...I have lost many lovely and prized plants and am now replacing with more moisture loving natives in those trouble areas...hang in there and the spring sun and warmth will arrive soon...lilacs are blooming here too...yours are gorgeous...

  13. I feel your pain! My garden is at least a month behind - it's been so darn cold (and grey)!


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