Monday, May 7, 2012

Birds nest discoveries!

What a beautiful Seattle weekend for some outdoor discoveries and what greater place than your own backyard! For weeks now my little bird lover and I have been watching a chickadee family build a nest in one of our lopsided Cypresses, busily scurrying around with twigs, moss anything they can find to create a safe place for their soon to be chicks. Really, what screams springtime more than sweet singing birds happily nesting! Sorry no pic's unless you want a!

It's amazing how these sweet little birds have become part of our every day routine. For weeks now we wake to their joyful little tweets and watch them flit around while we eat breakfast.

During our Sunday morning garden wander, we discovered with great sadness that their nest had been attacked. The nest had been pawed at and was found laying on the ground next to the Cypress. What happened? And are our two little feathered friends OK? With uncertainty of their safety and if they had yet even laid eggs (oh boy had we been waiting in anticipation for that day to come). My little bird lover, through tears, was able to salvage the nest and we placed it back in the tree just in case they were to return...fingers were crossed!

Today when we woke we noticed even more birds in our yard, giving us hope that this is still a safe place for our feathered friends. While on another quick garden wander before school, with great joy, we found an egg in the nest, happy days!! We could not believe it!! had it been there all along and we just never saw it? Did they really come back or is it another birds egg? Oh we are so so beyond happy, our neighbors must of thought we we were high from the giddy laughter that was coming from our yard! And on top of that we found a new nest hidden in the branches of another Cypress, we are crossing our fingers and hope to post photos soon of a happy little tweeter.

I am so happy they returned, check out my past post on  Tips for attracting birds to your backyard

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  1. Oh, I love this story! So happy to hear that your sweet little garden helper found something to cheer about. Oh, happy day!

  2. That birds nest is a little piece of art. Can’t wait to see the happy little tweeter. I do like happy endings.

  3. What a nice story, I hope it works out for the bird family.

  4. What a nice story. I hope it works out for the bird family.

  5. Mother Nature seems cruel sometimes. So glad this story has a happy ending. Such wonderful lessons for kids to learn from the garden.

  6. I can completely understand your joy, nature is a hard taskmaster, and it seems the weak or small don't always have a good time of it.

    So glad to hear that someone, hopefully the original birds made use of the nest.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. What a beautiful nest. Hope that little egg hatches.

  8. A good story on the circle of life, though bitter-sweet. Am glad about the upbeat ending.

  9. Oh I do hope that that little egg hatches.

    I also hope whatever caused the nest to be on the ground doesn't happen again!

    Love the pictures!!

    Warm wishes..

  10. Sweet! And how wonderful that you can share these lessons and joys with your little one. :)

  11. How cool for you to see this upclose. Have you seen which bird is using the nest?
    thanks for sharing - paula

  12. As I write this, a robin's song is wafting through the opened window. I love birds! Great nests you've got pictured there. They're such little works of art, aren't they? Can you imagine trying to build something that intricate with your mouth? Not me! :)

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