Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothers Day 2012 & Plant Sales Galore....

This Mothers Day the Seattle area seems to be having Plant Sales on every corner! Oh I really do even just love typing those two words together...Plant + Sale, ahh happiness! 
Really what could make mom happier on Mothers Day? hint hint kids! A clean house, well behaved children, jewelry, a bottle of vino and a night off? Well when that bubble of crazy thinking bursts, the next best thing for me is to take a trip to a favorite nursery for a day of plant-lust, this really would've been my first choice anyway but I can always hold out for the clean house right! Here is my selection of what seem to be can't miss events....

Seattle, WA area Plant Sales Mothers day weekend 

May 12th/13th. (click links for more details)
Skagit County Master Gardeners Annual Plant Sale - Perennials, veg starts, art vendors and plant clinic
Camas 15th Annual Mothers day plant sale & garden fair - Over 100 garden vendors, street festivities.
Tukwila Backyard Wildlife Fair - Native plants, demos, vendors, talks, CISCOE (need I say more!)
Seattle Tilth Eastside Edible plant sale - Veggie/herb starts, hand selected by Tilth to perform in PNW
Woodinville Garden Club Plant Sale - Held at the beautiful Chateau St Michelle winery...ah yum!
Lake Wilderness Arboretum Spring Plant Sale - Vendors, native plants and exotics from around the globe.
Friends of Volunteer Park Conservatory Plant Sale - Tropic plants and an one amazing!
Further East...
Jefferson County Master Gardeners Plant Sale - Great for veggie starts and known for their tomatoes!
Spokane Garden Expo - Over 250 garden related vendors, seminars, demos and plant sales.
  • One of the things I really love about these type of plant sales are the gardeners who are volunteering, they really know the plants and local conditions, and more than likely are the ones that grew the plant you are buying. Great day for Q&A on plants you are buying and your existing garden too, they are always so happy to help and LOVE to talk garden!!  

I am so excited to check out some of these local Plant Sales. It's become our annual Mothers Day tradition, to pack my whinny boys (who are allergic to girlie flowers and who insist on reminding me of my mommy duties) in the car for a day at Flower World or some other favorite local nursery, but this year I'm looking forward to the Club based Plant Sales...Mothers day is best spent with loved ones and plants!!

Whether you have a mom, admire a mom or are a mom, How do you celebrate Mothers Day?
I am thinking this year we will be hitting the Tukwila Backyard Wildlife Festival and Plant Sale  May 12th - Great for natives, Craft Vendors, Entertainment and Ciscoe Morris! There seems to be a great selection of activities to keep the kids entertained, especially for my young bird loving boys. Also check out this great link for all listed Plant Sales in Eastern Washington - UW Botanic Gardens

What ever you do this Mothers Day I hope it is a special time for the amazing Moms in your life!!


  1. This weekend is going to be perfect for gardening sales!! Enjoy the Tukwila Backyard festival, we have been several times. They have free bouncy houses, face painting, crafts for the kids, and some good swag (the kids scored free binoculars from the library booth last year). I always buy from Tadpole Haven because they specialize in native plants - I have a bleeding heart, a huckleberry bush, a blackcap raspberry, and a clover looking plant from them. Hope you and the boys have a great time!!

  2. I wish I had thought of a plant sale/Mother's day treat. Last Mother's Day and this one the adult son is helping to clean out the garage. We need his muscle. The Christmas before last he gave me a day out shopping. He had planned it very carefully and having a whole day with him was wonderful.

  3. The perfect Mother's day gift is flowers and plants for me too!!
    I could just spend the entire weekend at the nursery :)

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  4. For the first time in 17 years I will be spending Mother's Day with my Mom....kind of poignant isn't it?

    Have a great time at your plant sales, I am sure that the vehicle will come back fully stocked.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Sounds marvelous! I agree, plants + sale = happiness! Enjoy!

  6. As a plant addict, I have to watch out for those sales. I usually end up 'saving' more than I planned for!

  7. Sounds like a great way to spend Mother's Day, Julia! Have fun. We went on the Wildflower Center's Garden Tour today. Five gardens all around Austin. Lots of lovely inspiration and beautiful weather to boot!

  8. Plant + Sale = Leave me alone for awhile, I'm having fun! By now you probably found some goodies. I hope you'll share photos on your next post.

    Please forgive me for being so negligent in visiting your blog. Lately I'm going in circles.

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