Saturday, August 8, 2009

Developments on Grandma's Garden....

Work came to a halt today as we accidentally created a new water feature in the yard...grrr! Mental Note: Always check where the water pipes are!

The main water line to the irrigation was hit, which ironically was a good thing. I was going to be doing this work next week when Dave was gone, so I am glad it happened while he was here and he was the one that did it...hehehe! He knew exactly how to fix it, if this was to happen with him gone I would have been in trouble, don't even know how to turn the main off (OK now I do!)
It turns out that there are 3 water pipes down there as well as a power line, only 4in below the surface, very scary! I had to rethink my whole garden so not to disturb the pipes again...totally sucked!

I was planning a row of Italian Cypresses for next to the fence to provide a privacy screen. The pipes run parallel and right where we wanted to dig. So we have had to put them in right on the fence line, hope it does not create problems down the track.

Its nice to be able to do this for Grandma and its acting as a way of closure too.

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