Friday, February 25, 2011

The crazy gardening neighbor....

That would be ME!

We had quite the dump of snow this week in the Northwest. Our yard was dusted (or should I say buried) with 5-6in! My two young boys screamed for joy, I however screamed more of a "Agh, my poor plants!"
Early that morning, when the snow had finally stopped falling and after my coffee had kicked in. I threw on my snow-gear and headed out into the great-white-freeze! Really, I kind of snuck out so my kids wouldn't see me. It wasn't time to play, it was time to cold and frozen babies!

I am not sure if any of my neighbors saw me, out with towels and a broom, not to mention my hot pink gardening gloves. There are a few delicate plants in my yard, which I was trying to get the crushing weight of the snow off before it did damage. Mainly my hydrangeas that were not yet dead-headed and my jasmine, which is already suffering from this unusually freezing winter.
Its not everyday you see a lady going around hitting her plants (gently) with a! I think at one stage I may of even been talking to them, kind of apologizing to them, in hopes it would make them feel better. (oops, did I just say that out-loud) but I'm sure we all do it, right?

So "crazy gardening neighbor" I may be, but I will wear that title proudly...I love my garden!!!(Just not covered in that much snow!)

After a busy morning of playing superhero to my garden, I decided it was time to give my boys a little fun time out in the snow.
Snowballs, snow-angels and one amazing snowman. The laughter and giggles totally made the snow less of a "Agh" and more of a "Yay".


  1. Cute snowman crazy gardening neighbor. Poor jasmine.

  2. haha! Thanks, had so much fun making him =)

  3. I do that with my two palm trees in pots. I think I look like a witch, since I do it sometimes at night: pajama pants, a coat, big boots and a broom... Love your snowman!

  4. I think a lot of us get protective of our plants during this cold weather. I'm hoping the ones I transplanted recently will survive. Glad you were able to have some fun in the snow after rescuing your plants.

  5. Haha, I can just picture you out talking to your plants...I am guilty too, though! When I transplanted most of my plants to our new home, I was muttering the whole time: "I'm not gonna leave you here to be ignored by the new owner, yada yada." :) Great snowman, too!

  6. I do enjoy the Winter pictures. Since it is still that season here too I have been posting much the same along Lake Michigan. Winter is a beautiful time and your pictures help show that. Hope you enjoy those I have posted. I have taken over 1000 pictures of the gardens this Winter and will be doing a photo essay of some of them (apx 60) coming in April. Right now I am doing a mixture and comparison postings. With the "bare bones" of the Winter season, one appreciates even more the fullness of the Summer. Check out the photos: I'll be checking on your updates. Jack

  7. Hmmmm! i think Gardens look more beautiful in the white snow! i observed that after seeing your post! i like it so much..
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  8. Great pictures. How are you not sick of snow by now lol? So glad our winters here in the UK only has snow for a couple of weeks at worst.

    Does it still feel like Christmas though? If it does then I would probably make it an exception :)

  9. HAahaha. Seriously I've been out gardening at the strangest times, I often think my neighbors must think I'm insane. Wind storms, at 8:00pm in the dark, trying to save plants from getting airborne. Snowstorms, rainstorms, sleet hail.. Hum, I suppose you know you're a gardener... when..

    Good post! :)


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