Monday, February 14, 2011

So much to learn...

Life in a garden, while beautiful is hard work, full of reward and full of error! There is so SO much I need to learn. There always seems to be some new problem! Agh, what is the powdery stuff on my evergreens? why are my evergreen jasmines losing their leaves? How do I prune my plumb tree? When is the best time to start removing the winter mulch from the beds? Can I safely transplant my hydrangea to another part of my garden? Agh! seriously, its enough to send you loopy!

I thought I would take the time (as its rainy and horrible) to compile a list of all the plant species I have in my garden.
My goal this year will be to learn basic care for each of these plants. Including what type of plant, if they need pruning, thinning, separating, fertilizing, etc and when best to do all this care! few...better get started!

Here are some of my favorite reference books and resources. I refer to these like my garden bibles, they are priceless for finding answers to my many many questions.
If you are going to invest in any books to help you on your Northwest gardening journey, you can not beat these...
Sunset Western Garden Book - Great for finding out what a plant is and basic care, thickness of a telephone book, its a little overwhelming, but a great reference book!
Gardening in Washington & Oregon, by Mary Robson - Wonderful month-by-month format with listings for the specific plant style you are working with. And its to love that!

Favorite blogs and websites that I spend way to much time on... - based in Portland - based in Seattle
Amongst others. I will compile a blog list with all the blogs I follow.

Wish me luck on my garden stock-take! I'm off to figure out whats out there....


  1. So glad to have found your blog! It's always fun to find other PNW gardeners. I look forward to following your blog and see what's happening in your garden. I'm adding you to my blogroll so I'm sure to keep up with your posts.
    This weather has been awful, although there is a sunbreak at the moment. Hope that snow they are predicting doesn't show up.

  2. Thanks Catherine, I love your blog and will quite often get lost in its posts for hours =) I LOVE the world of garden blogging and am excited to have found Blotanical. I'm looking forward to Spring and getting back out in the garden with an arsenal of blogging advice!
    Fingers crossed that sunny break sticks around, I've got some Hydrangeas to dead-head =)


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